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Jodi Head Guitar Wear of New York City is a fantastic supporter of the Best Little Cat House. Jodi auctions her superb guitar straps autographed by famous musical stars and the proceeds are donated to the Best Little Cat House. Jodi also devotes much time and effort for the homeless cats of New York City. Thank you for everything Jodi.

Founded in 1979, PAWS is a no-kill animal rescue and spay/neuter group dedicated to saving the lives of companion animals through spaying and neutering, pet fostering, adoption and educational efforts. We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 membership-based organization that receives no government funding.
Steelton Cats

Steelton Borough Community Cats. A Plan for Every Cat- Steelton Animal Control went from euthanizing nearly all the cats to 100% no kill - literally overnight. Every cat has a place to go to live out his life. We don't euthanize because "we need more space" or because the cat is not friendly to people. The cats go back to their colonies, or they go into rescue to be adopted or they go into hospice care to live out their lives in peace.

Saving Money, Saving Lives- We partner with the local government to focus on saving money on animal control. It is this partnership that makes it a success. Instead of budgeting $135.70 to send a cat to a shelter where they kill it for pennies, we say that for $30 and a team of resident volunteers, we can control the cat population humanely and inexpensively.

Makes sense to us! Perhaps this idea could be adopted in your area.
Castaway Critters

Our Mission is to save the lives and provide new beginnings for lost, sick and abandoned companion animals through rescue, rehabilitation, adoptions and spay/neuter programs.  Our Mission is to the help that these animals would not otherwise have.
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The Black Cat animated gif image is from CatStuff.